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Re: This season and this finale: one last thing to ponder...

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To some fans, the question hasn't been answered at all, to others it has.
Actually, the distinction should be that there are no answers to certain questions, and some do and some don't care.

To some, it's enough to know that the ancient peoples have been coming to the island for centuries and obviously saw the island as a divine place. To other fans, no answer could be thorough enough.
Why is this issue always presented as so black and white? People have different levels of what they'll accept, and mine is that I can be satisfied. I was several times with some of the other mysteries.

Just because some people weren't 100% gung ho on the loose ends doesn't mean they can't be satisfied.

Are they going to stop trying to survive or fleeing the smoke monster to go on an archeological dig or translate hieroglyphs? Of course not.
This is another common argument that makes no sense. Why does an explanation always need to be tied down to tedium? It could easily be worked into any story, or a story could even revolve around it. If something caught people's interest, a story surrounding it may interest as well.

Those questions are much more interesting to me than "Where did all the hairbrushes go?"
Another argument I often see that makes no sense. People who care about hairbrushes are clearly obsessing because that isn't at all integral to the overall story. Why is this example or others like it always used when people like myself aren't arguing over trivial little things? We're arguing over things like the meaning of the island and the light. Major stuff that drives the characters.

A big question I had was why Sayid came back to life, because it's integral to the character story. The Others at the temple seemed so surprised by it, Sayid didn't know what happened, and it made him unable to feel anything. And then we see this character act in very strange ways for reasons we don't understand which is all a result of his resurrection. At that point, the mystery is very much intertwined with his character, and going without an explanation is the shoddiest way to get a character from A to B. In fact, it completely went against his character's development, and yet somehow in the end he was still able to pull it back together?

This is important character stuff, not trivialities, and there are many more examples just like this.

The show has never been "mythology driven." Hell, for the first three seasons, half of every single episode is nothing but a character study of a single main character.
And the mythology drives those characters into those recollections. Without the mythology, there is no reason for the characters to do what they did. They are closely intertwined.

I'll never understand this idea that people pull apart one aspect or another. You might have some saying it's all characters or some saying it's all mythology/plot, but both of those statements are just flat out wrong. Good storytelling will have an emphasis on both and will strike the right balance between the two.
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