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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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politically correct ST series FTW! a black alien lesbian.
Each and every episode could begin with a steamy slow mo shower love scene between the captain and the girlfriend (different one every week) when suddenly there's a emergency call from the bridge ...

i think thats a bit pushing it...
No. I would watch it! ... But then - I watch Mexican game shows.

But, the different girlfriend every week has already been done!
A different lover, after every commercial break (with absolutely NO explanation)
has not.
This is the true, logical progression. Do you not agree?

Aside from this, I would like to see a truly alien captain. Maybe, one of the Horta's children. In place of the captains chair, a large PADD would be installed in the middle of the bridge. All commands could be burned onto it: "NO KILL I", "YES KILL THEM", "YES WARP 7", "NO EARL GRAY", "YES COFFEE YEOMAN", ... The part would be "actor proof", saving the production a lot of money.

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