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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Chapter 3: Desperate Times...

The USS King Arthur, an Excalibur Class Deterrence Dreadnought, one of Starfleet's fastest ships, cruised through the Polenae system of the Andromeda galaxy. Slowly passing the Polenae system's second planet, , the Arthur was a majestic sight, powerful yet sleek. However, in front of the powerful battleship was a crimson hued vortex, almost like a whirlpool. On the bridge of the King Arthur, Captain Jeremiah David stood behind the station of his chief science officer, leaning over to see the readouts at the station. My God, what is this thing? “Any results on the vortex, Doctor?” asked David with a grim expression on his face.

“It is of unknown origin, but it appears to be a tunnel through subspace, similar to a wormhole but altogether different somehow...” replied Dr. Alvan, the ship's resident subspace physics expert. Captain David sat in the command chair and considered the situation. Should I report this to Command? Should we deal with this ourselves?

“We're out of our depth here.... Report the situation to Command, submit all sensor data as well,” the captain ordered as he stood, “I'll be in the ready room; alert me if there are any changes.”

“Sir, we've got twenty craft of unknown origin coming out of the vortex! Approximately ten meters in length, they appear to be equipped with disruptors and another type of energy weapon,” shouted the tactical officer.

Captain David sat back down and pondered the situation for a moment. “Go to yellow alert, raise shield, deploy defense drones, and activate armor. Plot the bandits course as well,” David commanded.

“All defensive systems active,” reported the tactical officer, “The unknown craft are on a collision course!”

“Arm weapons, send message on all frequencies, 'Disengage or we will open fire.',” replied the captain with a frown.

“Message from the ships, text only, 'Do....',” replied the communications officer, suddenly shocked.

“What is it, Skova?” David snapped.

“They say 'Do your worst, Starfleet of the Federation',” replied Skova, still in shock.

Captain David settled into his chair and ordered, “All hands to battle stations, prepare to engage.”
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