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Re: Marines in the SGC?

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The funny thing that gets me is that the base used for SGC has military personnel from all branches of the military but you only see Air Force and Marines.

The Navy helped quarantine the russian sub that was taken over by replicators, though you never saw any personnel I dont think, just glimpses of the ships around the harbor.

Weren't those SEALs that O'Neill and Teal'c were with when they boarded the sub?

Anyway, it is odd that Air Force and Marines are the primary US military brances seen in Stargate. The Army and Navy have been virtually ignored. The largest confirmed US Navy presence on screen in the entire Stargate franchise was Continuum, when they filmed on board the actual sub and featured its actual crew. Meanwhile, the only time we see anyone from the US Army in all of Stargate was General Francis Maynard in Inauguration and Lost City. I know the Stargate program is run by the Air Force, and the US Air Force even coordinated with the producers for SG-1, but in the 13 years that there has been Stargate on television and 16 since the release of the original movie, you'd think they could find a bit more for the Army and Navy.

I find it interesting, than whenever they show the Russians, it's almost exclusively the Russian Army we see. It was a Russian Army base their Stargate program was being run, a Russian Army team that joined SG-1 on the mission through the Goa'uld tomb, the Russian SG team in season 6 consisted of Army personnel, Colonel Chekov was an Army officer, and in a final twist of oddity, the Korolev was staffed by an Army crew. Seriously, I can accept the Air Force crewing a starship since space falls under the Air Force's defense jurisdiction. I can also understand the argument that the Navy should be crewing a starship since ships are a Navy thing. But why would the Army of any country be operating a starship?

The only exceptions to these examples are the Russian sub in S4 which was clearly the Russian Navy, and the SGC's Rusian liason officer in S8's Lockdown (they guy Anubis tagged along with) was a Russian Air Force officer.
Like the USAF ran the land based nuke missiles in the US which lead to their being the lead in the Space Command, thus Stargate Command, the Soviet Army ran their Strategic Rocket Program
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