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Re: 24, Law & Order, Lost, Monk, Nip/Tuck... which will you miss the m

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I'm curious to see if LO:LA will be an epic fail, though...and seeing it's on NoBodyCares, it'll be gone sooner than you can say "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" (Oh, Rohmbot, I can't say I'll miss you! But that line is soooo quotable!)
I'm kinda torn about Serena Southerlyn. She's not as hot as Rubirosa (but then, who is?). She didn't have the personal connection of Kincaid. However, her political arguments with Branch were a great microcosm of the highly polarized indignant liberal vs. neo-conservative debates that plagued America at the time.

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Thanks for creating all of your recent Law & Order threads The Borgified Corpse; they're helping me through my grief of losing my favorite show. I'm still in the denial phase (hurry up TNT and say you'll pick up the show!), so I have a long way to go...
Well, while I've contributed in many, I think I've only created one-- the "Favorite Law & Order moments" thread. It's wide open for more contributions.

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