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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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turtletrekker wrote:
Steve Mollmann and Michael Shuster
:gasp: You got the wrong name wrong! Now I know how Steve usually feels...
*sigh* Throughout? I'll try to find to time at work to do some edits.

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Not to open a can of worms, but...

One could argue that Spock's World brings in the entirety of Doctor Who as an in-universe work of fiction.

I read somewhere that at some point in the DS9-R Taran'atar picks a fight with an Aliens Alien in the holosuite, so the same applies. And isn't Predator a part of the same universe? Considering the Jem'Hadar are fairly blatant Predator rip-offs this is quite interesting.

I've read that Ishmael had one or two big huge unauthorized crossovers (to stuff I didn't watch so have no knowledge of), too.
You want worms? Planet X could bring in the entire Marvel multi-verse, which has crossed over with the DC universe.

I hate having thoughts on the top of my head. They usually jump off and commit suicide.

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