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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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no offence guys but the white human male stereotype is getting old. at least make the captain a woman or an alien. you know what would be perfect? politically correct ST series FTW! a black alien lesbian.

Okay! An entirly female crew! Whom would we cast, and as what alien species?

Camryn Manheim, as a tough, but motherly, Klingon Captain

Betty White, as the ship's unlovable (species?), though eccentric CMO

Evangeline Lilly, as the highly troubled Andorian 1st officer


lol. you do know that i was kidding? but seroiusly now. ds9 and voyager wason the right track but we need more variance in the next series. as some of you may know i'm a strong supporter of a star trek: aventine series. (star trek destiny)
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