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Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp. - Chiron Class Vessel


The first thing I want to do is, apologize to the REAL Artists on this board, for this absolutely crude drawing.
I thought to give some image of my concept of the Chiron Class Vessel, and this was a very quick put-together.

As I posted before, any Module will fit any Vessel, in any combination. Though I have identified the modules above with the general use according to the duty of the Vessel, one can stack one or two or ten together if necessary.
Each of the Modules has it's own "Mini-Bridge" with Thruster Control, where that module can be detached, moved, and re-stacked in space for applicable use.
All Modules appear to be the same, with Doors which hide their components. A door could open, and you may find a Shuttle Bay or Cargo Hold or Phaser/Torpedo Launchers OR a Turret Mounted Pulse Cannon, which could be extended out for Battle.

Additionally, though the upper and lower halves of the Vessel have Bridges and control of Shields, Weapons and Power, it was not intended for them to Multi-Vector.

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