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Re: The most fascinating thing about the L&O finale

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TNT has officially passed on the series.
Then I guess this is not on the level...
Look at the date on that item: April 30. I think that's even before NBC announced the cancellation! If it had been on the level, we'd have heard about it in the regular media before the finale aired.

The idea of a wrap-up movie is still alive, apparently, if there's enough demand.

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Seeing as how L&O has never been about a specific set of characters, it wouldn't really have made sense for the end of the series to focus on a conclusive (let alone cataclysmic) ending for the specific group of characters that happens to be filling the stock roles at the moment. That wouldn't really have been a resolution to L&O, because there are so many other characters whose stories have already been resolved or who have just moved on to other jobs. It's not the kind of show that should have a decisive ending.
Exactly. A few odds and ends in the backstory aside, like Van Buren's cancer and the affair between Jack and Claire in the 90s, the series was the epitome of the standalone series. I'm actually not really in favor of a "true finale" TV movie, because frankly the show's strength was in the fact you could jump in at just about any point, without any need for backstory. Having the series just end, as it did - though the final scene had everyone together in a celebratory mood, which was a nice coincidence as it was intended to be Merkeson's farewell, not the show's - was perfect.

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