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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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I should bring up a small bit of presumption on my part-- I assumed that the forthcoming A Choice of Catastrophes and Star Trek: DTI would be novel-verse friendly. Given the previous works of the authors it seemed like a safe assumption. I actually meant to attempt to confirm via e-mail, but forgot.
DTI will indeed be part of the main novel continuity.

How does the portrayal of Gorkon in In the Name of Honor conflict with Vanguard? I haven't read ItNoH in quite a while.

Maybe you should mention that VGR: Full Circle references "Isabo's Shirt." Also, there are some typographical problems in the VGR post, with series titles (such as Spirit Walk and Dark Matters) being listed in the same way as their individual installment titles and thus being confusing to the uninitiated.
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