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Re: Why did spock end up in the alternate universe??

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If they actually expect anyone (well...TOS fans at least) to believe that OldSpock and Nero came from the Trekverse that we know and love, then they should have at least made some effort to connect it to the original.
Which they did. Including dialogue lifted directly from TWOK/TSFS and a character arc lifted from TNG, among many other things such as references to events first described in TOS episodes. In fact, the original deal was apparently something like "No Nimoy, no film". (Of course, that was clearly an attempt to generate viewers' interest through the appearance of an alternate Spock which they'd never heard of or cared about before, rather than the one they were already familiar with. )
Like I said, if they had really wanted us to believe that OldSpock was, indeed the Spock we know, then they should have written him to resemble the Spock we know. The Spock in STXI didn't remind me of the original Spock. The only reason Mr. Nimoy was in this movie was for the "wow" factor of seeing one last appearance of one member of the old cast. Simply using recycled dialogue and storylines from past Trek along with numerous cliche' lines and scenes that felt forced at best do not necessarily "connect" the Abramsverse to the original Trek universe. All it does is show that the two separate universes are different but have subtle similarities.
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