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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

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OMG!!! These are fantastic as were the other Tardis exterior designs in the other threads and I was going to ask you in my book thread if you had planned on doing interior designs of the Tardis as book or not I would be interested in seeing them!
actually what I was planning on doing, was to do a book like if you were a new fresh academy student studying the basics of what the Tardis is, like the star trek star fleet manual..I may continue, I am not sure.. but I would love to keep mapping the ship, and doing floor plans and you could easily print it out and place it in a binder..I would recommend legal size paper and 3 ring binder..

Sean_McCormick wrote: View Post
Just go for it and do your thing! What does some merchandise matter in that regard? Personally, i find it rather nice to see more than one take on mapping and explaining sci-fi techK; if things collide, i take, what i like from any source and ignore the rest (or find some explanation, why both things are true).
yeah, you may be right.. I just don't know.. I mean, sometimes I get excited,and then sometimes, I think well, maybe my work is better off being done the way I am doing it, because it is untainted by the Steve tribe book..

we will see..I am currently doing a great deal of work on doctor who art.. but the Tardis mapping stuff, even though it looks like work, is fun for me..I may do some more updates..
thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

I was going to do the Tennant (10th doctor) console next..

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