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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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I'm currently in the process of watching Babylon 5 for the first time. While I've heard so many others talk about how wonderful the show is - I just don't see it as anything special. Yes, it's entertaining, but nothing great. Maybe it's because of something like this. It has nothing to build on like DS9 did, and that hampers it somewhat. However, I'm only into season two right now, so I'll reserve my final judgment.
Well, B5 dramatically improves in season 2 so don't be too quick to judge. However, IMO B5 is the text book definition of a show that's aged badly (the irony that I've said that in a thread about TNG is not lost on me ), so YMMV.
Why do you say B5 has aged badly. Perhaps because I just saw it and it's still quite fresh, I do have a different perspective, but I would love to hear yours.
I find B5 very much of its time. It's particularly evident in the dated visual effects and the (very) cheap looking sets of the show - but the often melodramatic dialogue and the at times hammy characterisations and performances are just as problematic IMHO.

I also feel that after an amazing build up the narrative on the show played out in a rather formulaic fashion, with some particularly galling pat resolutions (‘Now get the hell out of our galaxy!’).

These issues, coupled with a slide in quality that began in its fourth season (which almost became terminal during parts of its fifth season), mean I tend to find B5 does not stand up to scrutiny or multiple repeat viewings like other genre shows of the time (eg, X-Files, DS9, TNG, Farscape, Buffy (and yes, I know all these shows have their own weaknesses)).
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