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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

New Frontier by Peter David
The New Frontier series, created by Peter David and John Ordover was the first book-only Trek series. It has crossed over into the Captains Table, Double Helix, Gateways and Mirror Universe series and has been referenced in most all aspects of the late 24-century lit.

Main series
  • House of Cards
  • Into the Void
  • The Two-Front War
  • End Game
  • Martyr
  • Fire on High
  • The Captain's Table #5: Once Burned
  • Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing
  • The Quiet Place
  • Dark Allies
  • Excalibur: Requiem
  • Excalibur: Renaissance
  • Excalibur: Restoration
  • Gateways #6: Cold Wars
  • Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond: "Death After Life"
  • Being Human
  • Gods Above
  • Stone and Anvil
  • After the Fall
  • Missing in Action
  • Treason
  • Blind Man's Bluff
Also by Peter David
  • Double Time (Wildstorm comic)
  • Tales of the Dominion War: "Stone Cold Truths"
  • Tales from the Captain's Table: "Pain Management"
  • Cutting Ties from Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances
  • Turnaround (IDW comic mini-series)
  • Homecoming from Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows
TNG novels with New Frontier links
  • Vendetta --This novel began the begining of PAD's development of the character Elizabeth Shelby and her captain, Morgan Korsmo, that would become part of their New Frontier backstories. The chararacter of Korsmo was mentioned in the first New Frontier book as the previous Captain of the Starship Excalibur, and Korsmo appeared in that capacity in the story "Making a Difference" in No Limits.
  • Imazdi 2: Triangle features an appearance by Shelby on Excalibur under Korsmo.
  • Before Dishonor featured an appearance by Captain Calhoun and serves as a sequel to Vendetta.
TNG Young Adult novels
PAD's trilogy of Young Adult novels featuring Worf at Starfleet Academy introduced future Excalibur crew-members Soleta, Zak Kebron, Mark McHenry and Tania Tobias.
  • Worf's First Adventure
  • Line of Fire
  • Survival
No Limits
An anthology of New Frontier stories by various authors and edited by Peter David and Keith R. A. DeCandido. The only time the New Frontier characters have been written by someone other than Peter David in an official New Frontier release.
  • Introduction, by Peter David
  • "Loose Ends", by Dayton Ward
  • "All That Glisters...", by Loren L. Coleman
  • "Waiting for G'Doh, or, How I Learned to Stop Moving and Hate People", by David Mack
  • "Lefler's Logs", by Robert Greenberger
  • "Alice, on the Edge of Night", by Ilsa J. Bick
  • "Revelations", by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • "Turning Point", by Josepha Sherman
  • "'Q'uandary", by Terri Osborne
  • "Oil and Water", by Robert T. Jeschonek
  • "Singularity", by Christina F. York
  • "The Road to Edos", by Kevin Dilmore
  • "A Lady of Xenex", by Peg Robinson
  • "Making a Difference", by Mary Scott-Wiecek
  • "Performance Appraisal", by Allyn Gibson
  • "Redemption", by Glenn Hauman & Lisa Sullivan
  • "Out of the Frying Pan", by Susan Shwartz
  • "Through the Looking Glass", by Susan Wright
  • "A Little Getaway", by Peter David
  • The Star Trek: New Frontier Timeline, compiled by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Connections with other series
  • New Frontier has had two Captain's Table stories, one novel and one short story.
  • TNG: The Q-Continuum trilogy was consistant with New Frontier continuity by acknowledging Dr. Selar's transfer to Excalibur.
  • Double Helix: Double or Nothing was a part of the Double Helix series that spanned the entire Trek-lit line. The main villain of the series was a Thallonian, a species developed for New Frontier, and The First Virtue had scene that featured Thallonians in Thallonian Space.
  • Gateways book six: Cold Wars and "Death After Life" from Gateways book seven: What Lay Beyond were a part of the Gateways crossover that spanned the Trek-lit line. Calhoun and Shelby also appeared briefly in the TNG and DS9 entries in the series. The Excalibur and crew appeared (sans Calhoun and Shelby) in the Gateways finale TNG: The Other Side by Robert Greenberger.
  • TNG: Diplomatic Implausibility featured cameos via communications with Worf from Soleta, Kebron and McHenry.
  • A Time to Kill made reference of the Danteri Empire.
  • SCE: The Future Begins tied in with the New Frontier: Excalibur trilogy.
  • DS9: Warpath featured a brief appearance by a Thallonian crewmember.
  • TNG: Q&A featured cameos from Elizabeth Shelby on Space Station Bravo and Katerina Mueller on the Trident.
  • The Destiny trilogy and A Singular Destiny featured reports of Mackenzie Calhoun's Excalibur preparing for a suicide attack on a Borg Cube before finding a way to defeat it.
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