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Charting the Novel-verse

Back in Dec. '08, I started a thread called "What you have to read before Articles of the Federation and Destiny" which was an attempt to list out all of the books that are consistent with the Pocket Books Trek universe. This list is longer than that list...

By consistent, I mean by sharing characters, events or situations. I know that there are some inconsistencies of events and characters in the list, Ogawa's child's gender and the fate of her husband from Genesis Wave to Titan, for example. Such is life in a shared universe. Absolute consistency is impossible in a constantly evolving shared universe, so I go more for the intent of consistency, than the actual success of it.

In cases like these, I assume that while we may see an event such as the Genesis disaster in one separate "Myriad Universe" where Ogawa's life turned out one way, a near identical event happened in the "standard" universe as well, where Ogawa's life turned just a little differently.

For the five series based on the televised Trek, I sought out a "core continuity", books that were released with novel-to-novel consistency in mind. Largely this would be where that series serialized story-telling began. From there, I included other books that cross-referenced into that series by way of characters, events, places and situations.

For the lit-only series, I included that series run of books, and noted where it crossed over into the larger lit-line.

I was going to mine through the various author's annotations for every bit of continuity gold I could find, but this project has taken up a lot more time than I thought it would, and I have to sleep sometime. Instead, I provided links to author annotations.

This list is not meant to be definitive or comprehensive. Many of the books herein just don't quite fit in the Trek universe anymore, and if you don't want a book here in your "personal continuity", then so be it.

I also know that there are connections that I missed, forgot about or just plain never knew about. I hope that anyone discovers or knows about a book that should be on here, that they post it here in this thread, and that this list can be updated annually or so.

I would like to thank the people who responded in the original thread with info that I incorporated here.

Steve Mollmann

Update 4/21/11:
I would like to thank the following people who posted in this thread and in the The Continuity Of Days Gone By thread who contributed to the first update.

Greg Cox

Also, I have quotes from the original thread from Sci and Mr. Mollmann peppered throughout.

And a special "thank you" to the TrekLit forums helpful moderators:


Onward. By series...
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