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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

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Jaro Stun said:

I see you included ST:Hidden Evil in your "Works with Vista" list.

I also have Windows Vista (see my specs) and I was unable to play it. When I started the game in D3D mode, it crashed while loading the new game (if I remember correctly it was like: "Sprint engine stopped working"). I was unable to start the game in Glide mode, and in SW mode it loaded, but everything was terribly wrong (sound, colors...just about everything).

Compatibility mode (Win2K, WinXP) didn't work for me at all.

Did you encounter this error? And if so, how did you solve it?

My system specifications:
Intel Core2Duo T7700 @ 2,4GHz
NVidia GeForce 8600 MGT 256MB
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit (DX10 obviously)

Thank you for any info.
That's odd. I didn't have any trouble playing it whatsoever. The whole install ran smoothly, and the game ran optimally. I know this is a common answer, but did you update your drivers to the latest set, and have you downloaded the service pack yet?

Well this thread is a bit old, and I have Vista with SP2. ST:Hidden Evil still does not work. The only way I could get the game to run was to build a Windows 98 machine wtih DirectX 7. In fact, I can't find anyone who has been able to get this game to run on a modern machine with XP, Vista, or even Linux with Wine or Cedega.

Unfortunately programs like VMware and Virtualbox won't likely be supporting DirectX 7 anytime soon. I even tried the program DXTweaker to add support for 7 but had no success.

Anyone else have better luck?
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