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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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Wow! That looks great! It's amazing how much it looks like Bridge with all the framework in place.
Painted the bridge control stations tonight, and couldn't believe how much more it's coming together. Carpet man coming tomorrow to talk about the installation.

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Don't feel discouraged if construction seems to drag on a bit from her-on-out, though -- the devil is definitely in the details, as they say. In other words, it takes a surprising amount of time to paint and finish a job -- especially in comparison to the framing time.
The painting was the easy part. Getting the trim and the acrylic panels installed will no doubt drive me crazy.

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I should have an update soon as well. I decided to take an assembly line approach and started cutting out all of the pieced to the wedges, so that next week I should be able to construct 3-5 of them in one afternoon. Like I said before, you guys definitely have an advantage of having several people working on this with you. Mine's still mainly a one-man operation.
Looking forward to your next update! Sometimes, ours seems like a one-man operation with all this 'un-fun' stuff to do. Still, help comes out of the blue. Linda's actually helped me with a bit of it; her father was a big help this past Saturday. The kids have actually helped out; my daughter's quite interested in the project.

Tomorrow I plan on working on the captain's chair with Ricky...
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