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Re: 24, Law & Order, Lost, Monk, Nip/Tuck... which will you miss the m

winged victory wrote: View Post
<<<I'll miss these guys the most.

So Law and Order, hands down. But they had an excellent last episode, so I'm glad they ended on the top.

firehawk12 wrote: View Post
I know this is an ignorant statement... but there are still going to be three L&O shows on next year if you don't include the UK version. So why is it a big deal if the main one is gone?
As a fan of the mothership, and a semi-regular viewer of CI and SVU, the original, IMHO, is still the best. Best cast, best writing, especially these last three years. Why cancel this quality and start yet another spin-off in LA?? I don't even know if the new LA show is going to be the same cops and lawyers format that original is known for...(CI has just cops; SVU has a revolving door for the ADA)

I guess I'll miss Sam Waterston and S. Epatha Merkerson and their wonderful characters (as well as the rest of the cast). We're losing an American TV institution...
I concur wholeheartedly, as you might guess from my av. I've got a serious man-crush on Michael Cutter & Jack McCoy, followed by a wholly hetero, red-blooded American boner for Connie Rubirosa!

I'm surprised and very heartened by the outpouring of support for Law & Order. I've been hard-pressed to find fans of it IRL. (Most of the crime drama fans I meet IRL are CSI fans. I've been trying to stoke a Law & Order vs. CSI feud for years, trying to emulate the classic Star Trek vs. Star Wars rivalry. I've had zero success on this front, BTW.) Even the few Law & Order fans I do find are more attached to SVU or Criminal Intent. So it's nice to see that I'm not the only one in the thrall of New York's finest prosecutors!

winged victory wrote: View Post
I couldn't agree with you more about the great cast this year. L&O needs some Emmy, SAG, and GG recognition! Please, pretty please Award gods??
I'd pray with you, but with my track record for this sort of thing, I'd probably be counterproductive.

Truth be told, Law & Order is one of the only TV shows that I still watch with any regularity. (The only others I can think of right now are Doctor Who, Rick Steves' Europe, & reruns of Law & Order: SVU.) Perhaps part of it is the fact that, because Universal is so friggin' behind on the DVDs, I have to watch the NBC episodes to watch anything remotely current.

Thinking of it being canceled has left me nearly inconsolable. I haven't been this saddened by the cancellation of a TV show since Angel. Ever since last night, I've been curled up in a ball, crying, asking for my mommy to read me my Miranda rights.

As for some of the other shows mentioned in the thread:
I always meant to get into 24. Many of my friends & relatives are big 24 fans. I just haven't taken the opportunity yet.
Lost & Monk bored me.
Nip/Tuck never looked like the kind of thing I'd be interested in.
Scrubs should have ended last year, when J.D. & the head writer left.
I've been meaning to check out the DVDs of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes but I haven't found the funds yet. (I did find a dirt-cheap $8 copy of the complete American version of Life on Mars but I haven't watched it yet.)
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