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Re: The most fascinating thing about the L&O finale


ATimson wrote: View Post
Still wish we could have seen McCoy's threatened prosecution and civil suit. It would have been glorious.
It would have been a glorious victory that even the Klingons would be singing songs about it for generations!

Christopher wrote: View Post
It's not the kind of show that should have a decisive ending. It's about the process of fighting crime in New York City. That's not a story with an endpoint.
Yeah, see, they should have had some kind of resolution to that, like ending with New York City instituting some sort of pre-cog crime provention program.

I agree that the finale should have seen more courtroom action. Cutter seemed a bit paralyzed & useless this time out. Still, the bar scene at the end was a nice sort of soft finale.

Still, I'm hoping for a reprieve for the series. Come on, TNT!

I kinda like the idea of a "rubber room." It makes me wish I belonged to a union.
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