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Re: 24, Law & Order, Lost, Monk, Nip/Tuck... which will you miss the m

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<<<I'll miss these guys the most.

So Law and Order, hands down. But they had an excellent last episode, so I'm glad they ended on the top.

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I know this is an ignorant statement... but there are still going to be three L&O shows on next year if you don't include the UK version. So why is it a big deal if the main one is gone?
As a fan of the mothership, and a semi-regular viewer of CI and SVU, the original, IMHO, is still the best. Best cast, best writing, especially these last three years. Why cancel this quality and start yet another spin-off in LA?? I don't even know if the new LA show is going to be the same cops and lawyers format that original is known for...(CI has just cops; SVU has a revolving door for the ADA)

I guess I'll miss Sam Waterston and S. Epatha Merkerson and their wonderful characters (as well as the rest of the cast). We're losing an American TV institution...

The LA version won't last because of the cost it takes to make shows in California. Unless it gets a lot of money in I don't see that show lasting more than a season or two.

I bet the Original is going to be on TNT longer than the the LA version is on NBC.

I kinda like the UK version I've seen a little of it and I didn't think it would fit there but they did a good job and I kinda like their versions better than the original versions of those shows. Hope they write their own new shows next time around. It'll get a 3rd series because it was like the 2nd highest rated show at that time slot last year.

SVU has been unwatchable for about 3 or 4 seasons now. I have watched a few eps here and there and I can tell I haven't missed anything. It's been horrible.

I never could get into SVU that much. I just never was a big fan of VDO's character and Goldblum hasn't really done much for me either.

The original had tough times over the 2000s but the last 3 seasons or so have been amazing. This season might be the best since the mid 90s. If TNT picks it up like I'm reading on several blogs, NBC has made so many boneheaded moves the last few years it's not even funny. Starting with the Conan/Leno debacle a few years ago that led to the last year. But what they've done with L&O moving it's time slot around and giving it terrible time slots. It's amazing it got to 20 seasons on that network.
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