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Re: A Star trek CGI series

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Star Trek Elite Force is an older game based on the Quake 3 engine. So that doesn't even reflect what can be done with modern video game technology, much less production-quality CGI.

Cary L. Brown
mentioned 3 years ago:
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New Trek will be done on virtual sets, with real actors being motion captured and their voices being recorded... then using their captured motion and voices to "drive" CGI characters and voices.

Less than ten years, folks... less than ten years... and this will be an absolute reality.
The Iron Man 2 videogame used motion capture and keyframes for the in-game cinematic (IGC)
Pendulum provided about 20 minutes of in-game cinematics using a realtime engine, as well as a pre-rendered trailer, which is also being used as a prologue intro.
They used a modified version of the Unreal engine.
regarding the IGC's and trailer:
...we chose to go with mo-cap for obvious reasons, but there was a slew of robots flying around in the cinematics and major fight scenes, so we let our animators create those characters with keyframe animation.
there is a
from the May 1 issue of Post magazine.

With a motion capture and a realtime engine a low-cost Trek CGI series can be done and look good enough and not look like marionette bobble-heads like SW:The Clone Wars TV series does.
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