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Re: 24, Law & Order, Lost, Monk, Nip/Tuck... which will you miss the m

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24 and L&O are the only ones of those shows I have ever seen. I can't say I'll miss 24, but L&O? Definitely. I hope Dick Wolf gets his wish to revive the series somehow, even if it's only for a 2-hour finale.

Or, failing that, have the L&O characters join the other two shows. For example, have Rubirosa join SVU (which is in need of a permanent ADA), Cutter perhaps move to CI (ditto), etc. The last few L&O seasons had way too much acting talent to let go to waste now.
Turner/Time Warner is trying to buy L&O from NBC and and show new episodes on TNT/TBS so they can justify having reruns after 2012. As it is right now L&O probably will not be shown on TNT after 2012.
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