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Re: The most fascinating thing about the L&O finale

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It was alright. But I was hoping they would do something dramatic like have them all get blown up in a bomb at the courthouse. Not the school cause that would have only taken out the Lupo and the Fat black guy from Transformers 1. But they could have killed them all off at a big Oklahoma City style bomb on the courthouse. That woulda been a heck of a way to go out on a bang.
Seeing as how L&O has never been about a specific set of characters, it wouldn't really have made sense for the end of the series to focus on a conclusive (let alone cataclysmic) ending for the specific group of characters that happens to be filling the stock roles at the moment. That wouldn't really have been a resolution to L&O, because there are so many other characters whose stories have already been resolved or who have just moved on to other jobs. It's not the kind of show that should have a decisive ending. It's about the process of fighting crime in New York City. That's not a story with an endpoint. I didn't see the finale -- I didn't realize it was this week -- but I say the way to end L&O is in the same vein as the episodic, continuity-light '60s and '70s shows whose tradition it continued: with just another episode, same as any other. Even if the show isn't on anymore, the story implicitly continues.
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