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Re: Star Trek Movie Adaptation #6 - Shatner deleted scene?

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Here's also hoping for a big omnibus with Countdown, Nero, the little story from Wired magazine and whatever else is out there.
"Countdown" has already been single issues, a trade paperback omnibus and a hardcover reprint. The "Nero" and "Spock Reflections" mini-series have also already come out as separate trade collections. The "Wired" story hasn't been included anywhere as a reprint, but maybe "Wired" likes the idea of it being exclusive to them?
I guess I just like the idea of nice, big, hardbound compilations.

As for the Wired magazine thing, it was run once in a monthly magazine that might not have gotten that much exposure and there's quite a bit of precedent for stories that ran in magazines to be in later compilations. The exploits of a certain detective ancestor of Mr. Spock comes to mind, for instance.
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