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Re: Circumstantial Evidence?

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This is getting ridiculous. If Star Trek can present a single timeline that goes ENT-TOS-TNG-etc,
It can't. Enterprise is nothing but continuity errors and horrifying lazy writing.

say TOS all takes place in one universe (despite huge contradictions), then the Kelvin can happily fit between ENT and TOS.

The Kelvin looks they way it does because they updated the TOS look for a modern movie. It's big becuase the script required 800 survivors. If you can't accept these things and move on I'm suprised you survived the needless changes made in TMP, let alone Enterprise. Nonetheless, just like has happened since TOS, fans can make up excuses for every gaff, changed premise and outright contradiction if they want to.

I get that you don't want this film to hurt or make you re-evaluate your TOS worldview, but guess what? It's done. You don't like it? Fine - ignore it. End of story. Trying to "prove" to everyone your fanon viewpoint is the correct one using more and more obscure reasoning ("sharp edged saucer"?) is a waste.
Except of course, that isn't a fanon viewpoint, it's simply the way the movie was written; and if you can't see the difference between the TOS-saucer and the Kelvin/TMP/nPrise saucer :shrugs: you need glasses. Even lovers of the JJPrise and the new Trek have pointed out the similarities.
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