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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

Okay so I know that the New Tardis Manual handbook thing is coming out soon.. so my work here may be for naught.

However, on the off chance that book doesn't do anything but point out what we have already seen, and such, then I shall continue in my endeavor..

I WAS going to do the newer Tardis consoles, and the engines, and floor plans and such, like Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise.. but like I said, with BBC releasing a Tardis guide by Steve Tribe.. I may just shut down what I am trying to do..

so if this is to be my last post on this subject..

I might as well go out with a bang!

here is everything so far..



and uploaded for your pleasure...

It was fun while it lasted..I shall have to see how much I need to catch up on once I get the actual book from the BBC..

I am Kinda bumbed out now..

Oh well, thems the brakes..did I really expect the BBC not to define the Tardis? not really..but I was trying to at least get a jump on the things left open will remain to be seen what they have done.. and how it is received..

my work was going to marry the classic series with the newer version..and delve into the other Tardis models as we went along.. oh well..

Here is what II had finished so far..later ya'll

Uploaded with

Damn shame! I mean, I was all set to map out the tardis, I had some awesome ideas.. oh well.. see you guys later..

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