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The most fascinating thing about the L&O finale

I tuned in last night to bid Law & Order farewell. I know it wasn't produced as a finale episode, but it still worked quite well, I thought.

During the episode, they went into CSI mode, using computers to enhance a photograph in order to find a clue. This actually surprised me a little, because they never used to rely on tech so much, but I thought, heck, L&O influenced so many shows in its day it's inevitable it, in turn, would be influenced by CSI.

And the it occurred to me, that back in 1990 when the series started, such technology was considered science-fiction! We actually have experienced a case where a series lasted so long that technology considered either the stuff of SF, or at least future-thinking scientists, back when it started, was now considered commonplace as the show ended! (Not just the computer photo thing either -- the cell phones, too, as well as the Internet being a major part of the plot. There was no Internet per se back in 1990 and cell phones were the size of bricks.)

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