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Re: 24, Law & Order, Lost, Monk, Nip/Tuck... which will you miss the m

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Not counting daytime soaps, these are the longest-running shows that have come to an end in 2010 (as far as I'm aware of off hand, anyway) -- 24 (8 seasons), Cold Case (7 seasons), Law & Order (20 seasons), Lost (6 seasons), Monk (8 seasons), Nip/Tuck (7 seasons) and Numbers (6 seasons).

Not sure if there's much audience crossover with these shows -- I certainly didn't watch most of them -- but I'm listing them anyway.

If you've seen more than one of these shows, which one was the best and which one will you miss the most?
24 to both questions, though I loved L&O and I'm sorry NBC didn't see fit to let it have one more season so it could beat Gunsmoke as longest running series.
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