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Re: The Romulans in JJ Trek

created an alternate timeline
Just a question, did he create the alternate timeline or go to one?

Cus' then I'm confused. If doing anything during a timeline will create another one thats alternate to the one that was originally suppose to happen, did we ever start and finish any Star Trek in the same timeline or did it create and jump to tons of timelines during each series?

If however, he just went to a alternate timeline, what was the point in that at all? Because after the movie, if the future spock went back to his own timeline then it would be the same and nothing would of changed at all(Vulcan would still be there). It would make a HELL of a lot more sense if he traveled in his own timeline to go back and take revange on the future spocks original timeline.

Although if he travled in his own timeline I am aware it would make more sense to just jump back in time and stop the supernova himself. I guess that was the writers reasoning to make it a alternate timeline, so that the movie actually would be made.
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