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Re: Marines in the SGC?

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Is that "large crew" as in feeding the large guns of a battleship? I say it is little different then the heavy bombers formations of WWII . I haven't seen task forces, squadrons and fleets of earth vessels on Stargate myself however.
A bomber is a lot different from a ship. How many air force people know what to do when a ship goes to general quarters. How many are trained in damage control, especially firefighting in close quarters? How many air force pilots would be trained in the type of precision flying it would take to land a F-302 abord one?

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But aren't all of the Daedaluses (Daedali?) clearly Air Force-owned (their crews are all Air Force, we know that much) *and* have the USS prefix?
U.S. law reserves the U.S.S. designation to a ship commissioned in the United States. The only way legally this could be is if the ship was commissioned by the Navy and was assigned a Navy crew.
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