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Re: The Romulans in JJ Trek

Here you go:

1. Red Matter is made from Decalithium. Decalithium is a rare substance found in the outer regions of the Romulan Star Empire. On several occasions, Mining ships have been sent to mine Decalithium. But Why?

2. Decalithium makes Red Matter. From a process currentlyu unavailable to us, the Decalithium is made into a substance that can only be classified as "Red Matter" as no other name is in existence for the matter. Perhaps "Manufactured Decalithium" as that would be the logical answer to a question of "What is the official name for Red Matter?"

3. Red Matter is indeed used to create artificial singularities, and yes, the Romulan Star Empire does use artificial singularities to power there starships. The only Logical conclusion would be that they send the Mining vessels to retrieve Decalithium, which they then manufacture into red matter, which they use to create singularities to power their ships.

Now, you can say "Why wouldn't they just do it themselves?". Well, think of it like this, The Vulcans may have perfected a system for Manufacturing the Red Matter that the Romulans didn't have access to. It could be as simple as the Vulcans being able to manufacture it quicker and in a larger amount then the Romulans.
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