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Re: Marines in the SGC?

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Most of the SGU characters are Air Force, though there is a Marine presence there as well. Sgt. Greer is confirmed as a Marine, and I think Sgt. Spencer was as well. Though Colonels Young and Telford, Lieutenants Scott, Johansen, and James, and Sgt. Riley are confirmed as Air Force.
MSGT Greer. The show does this for familiarity, but calling Master Sergeant Greer Sergeant is inappropriate, doubly so because he's a Marine. In the Army, Staff Sergeant and Sergeant First class may be shortened to Sergeant same with Staff Sergeant And Tech Sergeant in the Air Force. The Marines do shorten shorten to sergent and master/First sergeants and Sergeant Majors in all branches must be adressed by their full rank.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Did the Navy get ANYTHING to do in this series? I mean, at the very least, I'd have assumed that the starships (being, you know, ships and all ) would be their purview.
Its a technicality, but the 304s are owned by the Navy because they carry the U.S.S. prefix. Air Force owned vessels carry U.S.A.F.S. or U.S.A.F.V.

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Your Trek bias is showing they are not starships they are fast space craft and the Air Force is very capable in flying fast craft thank you!
The Air Force has little to no experience with large crews, carrier ops, or fleet warfare.

Also, if you want to look at the well know space pioneers, most of them were naval aviators.
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