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Re: May Challenge--The Sisterhood

Wow...what a nice treat to find all these comments!

I figured sentient ships would have to have different ethical responsibilities considering that they are not able to control their physical actions--thus they would be held accountable to something else. And that's why for the same reason, they don't resent each other (except for Borg ships and other things along those lines, which they have a serious resentment for).

It seemed to me a Cardassian ship would assume the Federation was engaged in some sort of political posturing by putting children on their ships. Now, it's not the KIND of posturing Trager assumed it was (putting children on a ship so the Federation could claim "atrocities" if anyone attacked...which is what the Obsidian Order would have done), but she IS right about the fact that it IS political's just out of naivete instead of malice.
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