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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Nope, I'm pretty sure there's no such reference in "Bread And Circuses."
Correct. "Bread and Circuses" confirms the three world wars mentioned in "Space Seed" which is no surprise considering Coon wrote/co-wrote both. Kirk's mention of Earth avoiding a nuclear holocaust is supported by Spock's statement in "Omega Glory" that the Yangs and Kohms, in their post-apocalyptic world, "fought the war your Earth avoided". Populations can be bombed out of existence ("Space Seed" with conventional weapons and Col. Green's series of genocidal wars need not have been global or nuclear. Most likely similar to, but larger than the ethnic cleansing seen in the Balkans during the 1990's.
I know there is at least one episode in S3 that mentions there was a atomic/nuclear holocaust, but if it isn't Bread and Circuses, I don't know which one it exactly is. Do notice that a holocaust is not a war. It seems that even if we used nuclear weapons in the 21st century WWIII, it wasn't used in a full-fledged exchange.
Not to my knowledge. The point of all the "Earth didn't fight a nuclear war" was to say to 1960's audiences who were only a few years past the near-miss of the Cuban Missle Crisis and still frightened the missiles might fly at any moment, "Things are bad, but we're going to work it out". Also, please note: within Star Trek's internal continuity, there was no 21st century world war. World War III, aka the Eugenics Wars, was confined to the 1990's. The mid-21st century nuclear exchange is part of GR's soft reboot of the Trek universe with TNG. It was 1987, we hadn't blown ourselves up or developed anything like the DY-100, so he shifted the whole future time frame forward.
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