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Re: Where did Spock go?

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We know very little about how Starfleet appoints it's captains.
Actually we know quite a bit because except for Kirk every command officer we've seen has been in his forties or fifties. That strongly suggests Starfleet tends to go with proven and tested officers.
How do you know that some of them didn't join the service as a second career? or maybe they were just really slow learners? or that they were political appointments?

Or maybe some of them were aliens who aged at a different rate and just had human sounding names.
You have to have evidence to support that.

We've been citing evidence to support our view. The counterpoint position doesn't have anything on it's side other than "that's not what they meant." Too bad because "that's not what they meant" doesn't mean squat if "that's not what they put on the screen."

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TOS can't even decide if there was a nuclear war on Earth or not.
Wrong. Spock mentions a World War III and McCoy adds that it's the Eugenics War. No mention of nuclear holocaust. Then later in "Return To Tomorrow" Kirk references that Earth avoided a nuclear holocaust.

Then TNG asserts there was a nuclear holocaust. So TOS isn't inconsistent within itself on this point, but rather TNG is inconsistent with TOS.
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