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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

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Anyone else surprised how quickly they rigged a village wide surveillance system?
Blogger MaryAnn Johanson has drawn some interesting conclusions from that very thing. I don't know that I buy them, but there's certainly a sense that narratively things are firing on cylinders that they simply didn't in the RTD-era.
Aside from there being no way Moff would pull an "it was all a dream" she should have watched Confidential, where they pointed out the amount of cuts that had to be made to episode to fit the timeslot....
Cuts to the episode have no bearing on them only taking nine minutes to build a village wide surveillance system and have the kid draw such an accurate (and neat) picture. It would have been simplicity itself to merely change the dialogue to "We only have thirty minutes" rather than nine. The montage could have stayed exactly the same, the episode wouldn't have needed to be any longer but would have made a bit more sense.

Episode length seems to be a real issue this series. Does anyone know if the producers had issues with length in the RTD era? I'd heard maybe in series 1 but that they'd got better at it. I appreciate this is a new production team but many of those involved were involved before, so you'd think they'd have a good handle on what they were doing, timings wise.
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