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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

Nah. One flame war is plenty for this thread.

Did I promise to listen to more audio projects, including the ones you mentioned, Double? Yep. Have I gotten to them yet? Nope. There's this little motto that sometimes life gets in the way of Trek, and that's the entire reason I haven't reviwed them. There's no secret, hidden agenda to try and smear or ignore certain projects. I readily admit that I lean toward the live-action Classic Trek era films I first saw when I got interested in this part of fandom, and a few of those came out recently, and I'm trying to be more of a reporter and less of a historian. Can I promise that I'll cover XYZ fan film in two weeks? Not unless I have the project in hand and can listen (or watch, if it's in animation) as many times as I need until then.

Things show up unexpectedly and drop off the radar in a heartbeat sometimes. I guess it all boils down to the fact that I'm a better reporter than psychic. I do the best I can, and we take it from there.

In a little while, I'll start a thread called "Upcoming Productions for June/July/August" (and no, I didn't plan it so I'd have the three months of summer; just one of those lucky coincidences) and I'll do my best to be more attentive to audio projects as they come along. You can always send me an email before the list is posted on Friday, and I'll at least put in an item on the post.

So would anyone have a problem with me putting the "Mature Content" entries in a separate section at the bottom of the list? The only other alternative I can think of is to do a whole 'nuther thread for that, and I'd like to be as comprehensive as I can without getting emails that require asbestos goggles to read.

Of course, Double, if you wanted to start your own thread for Mature Content material, that would sound good to me. I'm not familiiar enough to do a good job on that, and yes, I admit that writing reviews on things I don't know would be tough.
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