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Re: The Romulans in JJ Trek

I don't know that the Romulans would care what some renegades from an alternate reality get up to. The more interesting question is whether they believe Starfleet's claims that their star will go nova on X date. (Certainly Starfleet will attempt to warn them - anything else would be immoral.) At the very least, they'll have enough advance warning that they can be on their guard. Nero may very well have saved Romulus in Abrams' universe.
The operative words here are: "galaxy-threatening supernova". . . so It doesn't matter if, or where, the Romulans move, they'll still eventually be toast.
If the whole galaxy was threatened, then did everyone except Spock in the original reality die? Or did the Federation somehow make an amazing leap in technology that allowed them to move to Andromeda? Did Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and (ulp!) Deep Space Nine all get vaporized and nobody had the good grace to tell us? Even if only a sizable portion of the galaxy was threatened, Earth and Vulcan are still in Romulus' part of the galaxy, from the maps I've seen. No wonder the haters hate JJ so much. He blew everything up!

Okay, seriously - I just wrote off that line as being an, um, little mistake, along the lines of Whedon's claim that "hundreds" of habitable planets could fit into a single star system. Nobody's perfect.

Despite half-crazed military leaders, IMO the Romulans are a decent people, with a sense of honour (not in the Klingon "Smash! Smash!" way),
The Rommies still haven't been adequately fleshed out as a species, which is a major frustration, but based on what little evidence we have, I suspect they have a major streak of xenophobia that will make any dealings with them difficult. It's the same problem the Vulcans have - overwhelmingly volatile emotions that make it difficult to deal with members of their own species, never mind aliens - that must be dealt with by some means. Romulans don't use the Vulcan solution of emotional repression, which leaves open the possibility that they have no solution at all, and would therefore be impossible to deal with diplomatically by their very nature.

The Romulans would be probably happy to conquer Vulcan and rule it, but I don't think they'd want them all dead and their world destroyed.
They'd prefer to conquer it, but I wouldn't put it past them to be just as genocidal as Nero, but without the excuse of being crazed with vengeance. Which raises dire possibilities in the JJ-verse, where Vulcan has now been largely taken out of the picture as a powerful Fed ally. The Rommies are bound to take advantage of that.

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