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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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I suppose if there was literally no limit on the production of resources, then socialism might work. However, I personally would still have problems living in the Trekverse, even though it would indeed be a comfortable life.
I'm not even sure if the TNG-verse qualifies as socialism, the realities of that universe are so different from what we know now that our current economic concepts couldn't apply. I mean, if socialism is about redistributing wealth then it doesn't apply because there is no concept of wealth on Earth. Without wealth crime would diminish, especially since the Federation has the ability to cure the criminally insane. So there's not much of a need for a authoritarian regime.

In one episode of DS9, Doctor Bashir, I Presume, Starfleet exercises legal authority over the crimes of a civilian, Richard Bashir. The military operates civilian courts?
That's a problem with a lot of Star Trek, I didn't even realise there was a difference between Starfleet and the Federation until I was around 13 because of this. For example, in TVH a lot of the people sitting on the UFP council were Starfleet officers, and in Rapture the Federation sent admirals to sign the treaty accepting Bajor into the Federation. One could almost make the case for the Federation being some sort of military regime.

I have to say, it was your review thread that got me to watch it.
I wholeheartedly apologise that I am the cause of you watching Infection.

I've just finished the fourth episode of the second season and am racing through them as fast as I can on to catch up (I'm watching four or five a day). It really helps to have next to no social life sometimes.
I know, I'm half-way through Red Dead Redemption after only 2 days of playing!

If you're only up to 204 then that explains why the show hasn't gripped you yet. There's a brilliant episode coming up soon that should convince you about the show's potential, at the rate you're going you should see it in a day or two.
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