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Re: battles at warp speed

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watched the expanse last night where our heroes had troubles with a particularly stubborn klingon. the bird of prey chased the enterprise at warp 5 and fired his disruptor beams, enterprise banged back with phasers and torpedoes. how does it work at speeds faster than light? both ships travel within their own warp bubbles, and as soon as torpedoes and beams leave the bubbles, they should be reduced to light speed at best.
As for beams, the answer is simple: light always travels at the speed of light in all reference frames. So even if you're moving at warp five and the other ship is moving at warp five, a beam of light still moves as a beam of light back and forth between you. If the other ship is moving at warp seven, guess what? The beam moves at light speed to him AND to you, from both reference frames. Of course that means he gets hit by the beam before you see him get hit by the beam, so targeting gets a little tricky when your relative speeds are high.

As for torpedoes, I'm pretty sure they have their own warp fields anyway, so it hardly matters.
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