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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

I thought it was lousy. Bored by visits to pretty British villages; bored by the big "don't leave me" moments. Thought the guest stars were weak, the setting uninspiring, the story lacklustre, the alien of the week so poor the actress made me refer to an honourable (and previously favourite race of mine) as alien-of-the-week. The kid and his mother irritated me, and why did we have to have another dip into the future of Rory and Amy?

On the upside, I still like Matt Smith a great deal, he is turning into the Doctor for me.

Observtions: last week they filmed on through snow, this week it was teaming it down during the night/dome scenes.

Made me want to go and watch The Sea Devils.

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