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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

I have to agree with everybody. Since it was mostly setup, it can't rate higher than good. Still I think I would have liked it better if I didn't read spoilers and found out it was the Silurians.

1. The Silurian redesigns is a little too human. I missed the third eye, fish like appearance and the head bobbing. Since these Silurians weren't in stasis and have been evolving for the past 30 million years you really can't argue about their appearance. The all female maybe a conscious decision (females work better in close quarters) or perhaps has something to do with parthenogenesis.

2. Why they attacked is simple? They've been isolated for 30 million and had no way to determine the status of the Earth until the drill hit them.

3. I'm surprise no one got the inside joke of the Doctor only encountering a remanent and then Bang there is an entire city. The whole Silurians were the original masters of the Earth (with the Sea Devils supposedly) and humans are unwanted pests has been part of Doctor Who since the Pertwee era and is not a commentary on the Middle East
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