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Aslan ch'Shran
Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

Please hold me =(

Seriously though this movie was horrible. The sad thing is they created a fantastic anti-hero/hero in Sybok. I thought he was played to perfection from the moment we saw him in the desert up until he faced himself and sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise crew and his followers. By the end I honestly couldn't even see him as a villain, just a misguided man who in a different circumstance could have been a galactic hero who could have changed many lives. Imagine if Sybok had had the chance to work with Spock to help the Romulans years later.

Terrible, terrible movie otherwise with bad acting from the two Klingon "villains" (if you can call them that they acted and were presented like bit-players) and sub-par special effects.

Yes... hold me.
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