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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Commentary on Chapter 1

Well, Jake is ballsy, I’ll give him that. Scheduling your meeting before you’ve been cleared in a general court-martial is either an, ‘Act of Faith,’ or one of undeniable hubris.

His presentation was ambitious, and Janeway certainly proved he can give as good as he gets, if his verbal sparring with Captain Hernandez is any indication. He might not have done himself any favors with the rest of the Strategic Command, though.

I’d thought that perhaps Admiral Janeway had convened a court-martial in order to publicly clear her son of any wrongdoing in the losses incurred during his last battle with the Borg. Now, however it appears as though his own mother is conspiring with that same Captain Hernandez to cashier her son out of the service.

That’s just…. Wow… messed up.

Looking forward to more.
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