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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Jake opened the door and walked into his Philadelphia apartment, unzipped his uniform jacket, and tossed it onto his couch. Stretching as he did so, he walked over to the baby grand piano and sat down. Activating the electronic song computer, he called up Dave Brubeck, Billy Joel, and Thelonious Monk. Jake began playing, and was lost in the music, until the doorbell chimed repeatedly. Looking at the chronometer, he realized he had been playing for 6 hours without stopping. “Jake, come on, let me in... I've got a extra large pepperoni pizza and some Sam Adams,” the voice outside the door said in a sing song tone.

“Come on in, Miral,” replied Jake, without getting up from his seat at the baby grand, as Miral Paris came in, set down the pizza and beer, and sat on the bench. Miral slid over, bumping into Janeway. “What are you doing here, Miral?” Jake asked as he got up, grabbed a bottle of beer, and began rumaging around the drawers for the bottle opener. Finding it, he popped the lid, and took a sip. “Aaahhh, thank you for bringing this, Miral.... Wait, what's the look for? I'm on vacation!” he shouted gleefully as he turned around to face Miral's hard edged look.

“I think you know.... What the hell happened at Captain Troi's office? She's keeping it under wraps until she gets a suitable explanation for your behavior, but so far she's got a diagnosis of PTSD and extreme anger outbursts that would extend your “vacation”, as you call it, to a minimum of 42 months,” replied Miral, who gave Jake a look of disapproval.

“I got pissed off, we both know I've got a temper,” he said with a grin, while Miral went into the kitchen to get plates. “Most of the time, it's an asset; occasionally it gets me in trouble. Besides I sent a message to Captain Troi, saying I would pay for the table. So what's the big deal?” Miral returned to the table and set down the plates, giving Jake a look. The 'You're an idiot, you know that, right?' look, which Jake had seen multiple times over the last ten years or so (probably longer). The look accomplished what it intended. “Alrighty then, what do you wanna know?” he sighed as he picked up a slice of pepperoni off the pizza and popped it in his mouth.

“I wanna know why you aren't getting on with your life,” she snapped, growing impatient with Janeway, “Goddamn it, Jake, what the hell happened out there?”

“What are you, my mother? Oh, wait, if you were my mom, you'd have me bloody court-martialed, wouldn't you?!” said Jake as he took a slice of pizza and began to eat, “Look, can we just talk about BS and just have some laughs for tonight?”

“Fine, but you have to come up with a solution by tomorrow, understand?” Miral replied, staring hard at him. Jake nodded, feigning fear, and they both laughed.
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