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Re: The Romulans in JJ Trek

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"To the government of the Rihannsu Imperium/Romulan Star Empire:

Before you begin with the customary denial of any affiliation with the renegade Nero, let us spare you that effort by making the following clear: we know with absolute certainty that Nero was acting on his own. We do not hold you responsible for his actions in any way, shape or form.

"It has been rumoured in recent weeks that you are preparing a formal offer of assistance in resettling those Vulcans and other Federation citizens resident on Vulcan who survived the destruction of their homeworld. We would be pleased and gratified to begin negotiations to support that end, with an eye towards formally opening full diplomatic, cultural and commercial relations with the Imperium, should that be your choice over the longer term.

"Peace and Long Life to you and your people."

Signed - President and Council of the UFP

This could actually be the basis of a great Star Trek story. . . in one-hundred-twenty-something years, the Romulans are going to be in the same boat as the Vulcans, so reunification efforts will kick into high gear, because quite frankly, the Vulcans won't be in a position to even refine or offer the Romulans red matter in this timeline. . . and given the political climate, there will be some in the Federation, the Klingons, and even some Vulcans (who want to preserve their culture) who will be totally against reunification efforts, and will stop at nothing to end them. . . Make a sort of "Journey to Babel" story, where the Enterprise is ferrying diplomats (including Sarek), where Kirk is chafing under the watchful eyes of a Star Fleet who doesn't quite trust him in the big chair yet, Spock being conflicted about reunification and what it means to Vulcan culture, and the crew having to figure out who is trying to sabotage the whole process, before it ignites a war. . .hell, if they don't do a story like this, I might actually have to break down and write it myself. . . .hmmmmmm. . .

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