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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

Well now that we've gotten Bones obligatory 'That was rubbish' review out of the way...

I...hmmm. Not much to say really. I gave it a Good, but in this case we really will have to wait until next week to really rate the story. Honestly I don't understand why everyones down on the story for being slower paced than most. Have we really gotten used to DW rushing by, trying to jam 60 minutes of plot into 45 minutes of story?
So now we're back tot hat same problem. How to resolve all this in just 45 minutes.

Nice creepy episode I thought. One of those times when I really wish I hadn't known who the monsters were in advance. Definately would have been edge of my seat time otherwise. Dialogue between the regulars was great.

The thing on the console holdign the ring? I'm guessing some kind of miniature forcefield.

Going to have to go back and study the original Silurian design more closely. Could they have been wearing masks too?

I really hope they do something apart from the usual 'kill them all' resolution to this story. Thats always struck me as terribly unfair.

As for the lack of people about, well it was a Saturday wasn't it? I could swear I heard someone say 'have a good weekend' near the beginning.

Anyway, more comments as they occur.
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