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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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Praxius, I really liked reading that. TNG had a similar influence on me when I was growing up - and it continues to help me now. I was dismayed when I read some of the comments that were made about TNG, earlier in this thread. I'm glad that you have addressed them. It was an excellent post.
I second that, although I didn't quite read all of Praxius' post.
And, if we look at the poll, the "hating on TNG" are a very small minority. Who are welcome of course to let their feelings be known.
As for me, I just don't buy the overly simplified cliche interpretation of TNG as uber-PC, or holier-than-thou. Yes, the future in Star Trek is supposed to show a generally more enlightened society. That is a PRIMARY ingredient of ST and you DO see it in DS9 as well - only then it is against a different backdrop. ST without an optimistic vision of our future simply is not ST.
Nor do I buy the false assertion that this aspect is not present in TOS - the hell it isn't. If anything, it's even stronger. Not that humanity is perfect, but that it is striving towards betterment, individually and as a whole. TOS regularly asserts those humanistic and uplifting values that are central to the ST theme.

As for being a "Niner", I suppose I am by some margin. I haven't seen VOY or ENT yet, so I can't address those. But DS9 to me felt like it hit the ground running. It built on the foundations of TNG - writing, production-wise, you name it. I can't really say I prefer DS9 that strongly, but the overall quality of DS9 is consistently higher from the getgo. Amazing show.
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