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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

I started watching TNG when it premiered in 1987. Up until that time I had been a hardcore TOS fan (I was only 7), but when TNG made it's way into our living room, I had to watch, and was always held at rapt attention. As I grew older, the show still resonated with me. In 1993, Deep Space Nine premiered, and I watched the first couple of episodes and didn't really feel interested. Where were the bright lights? Where was the feeling of comraderie between Officers and crew? I didn't watch it consistently until about 2002/2003, and got a hold of some DS9 VHS tapes. I found that I enjoyed the series now, and that I understood it's context. I started recording episodes on TV, watching as many as I could, and over time, I felt myself started to sway from being a TNG fan to being more of a DS9 fan. I believe "In the Pale Moonlight" triggered my switch in allegiance. I became a Niner after that episode (about 2004/2005 is when I saw it).

Today, I consider myself a Niner, but I think TNG is still an excellent show.

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