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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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I have no problem with the idea that Earth is a paradise of sorts, and even if a group of people don't like living on what pretty much amounts to a socialist Earth, there's hundreds of habitable planets in Federation that those people can settle on to get away from Earth. The near-utopian Earth isn't a problem for me, Earth is but one planet, we hardly ever see it in the shows. So long as the frontier of deep space has interesting things going on then Earth can be the most boring planet in the universe for all I care.

What's a problem for me is that Gene took his ideals to crazy extremes. For example, I've heard that in the original script for BOBW Picard was going to have his arm lopped off and replaced with a Borg arm, and once he was rescued he would get a replacement arm that would be indistinguishable from his real arm. Gene shot it down on the basis that in the future people's limbs wont be amputated.

What the hell?!

Because Earth is a paradise that means that accidents can't happen? People can't lose their limbs in combat? The Borg, a soulless entity determined to assimilate the galaxy, would adhere to Roddenberry's utopian principles as well? That makes absolutely no sense. It's idealism gone mad. It's also one of the reasons why Ira Behr had to fight Berman for Nog to lose his leg, because Berman was trying to protect Gene's vision and Ira Behr was trying to tell a good story.

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Earth was said to be a paradise, no war, no poverty, etc. This is the whole idea of the franchise.
How did DS9 contradict this? There's still no poverty or war on Earth in DS9.
I guess I was just balancing the discussion lol.

DS9 did have over TNG that it had better character development and continuity, but all of Trek is based on the idea that humanity is evolved/different in the future. DS9 did depart from this.

TOS was not all kum-bye-yah and harmony. Bones, whilst being one of Spock's best friends on the ship, often made speciesist/racist comments to Spock but it showed that humans had overcome many of our faults in the present. One point is that Gene was looking at 1960s America and making a reference from that. This to me is part of the appeal of Trek as a franchise.

Saying that the Roddenberry vision is unrealistic or that human nature can never change is by the by, but DS9 in my opinion did go against it somewhat.
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